God’s Plan… surgery bumped.

Update 2: Surgery went well and I am out of the hospital already. Glad to have this part over with. Now for a speedy recovery with no infections would be nice. Your continued prayers will be appreciated. 😉

Update: Well, I am going to bed early tonight (Sunday Feb 9). My operation is at 8:00 am tomorrow (Monday) and I have to be there at 6:00 am to get processed. Those who pray I ask for your prayer covering. If all goes well I should be getting out Wednesday-Thursday. Pray for Linda as well, that god will strengthen her and give her peace of mind. God bless.

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My surgery has been cancelled. It will be rescheduled. I will know tomorrow or the day after when it will be.

But haven’t I got a lot of prayer… so what went wrong? I thought of that, knowing that God always has a plan, specially if it is backed up by prayer. So what happened?

First, I was scheduled to have the surgery at 8:00am. That was bumped to 12:30pm. The guy that bumped me, the one who got the 8:00 slot, has had complications. His/her surgery is still going on and will be going on for many more hours. Just not enough time in a day to do us both… safely. Since the person is a lot worse off than me I have no problem with being bumped to another day. It is just the pre-op stuff to do over again, the fasting, the prayer, etc…

When I get the new date and time I will again ask for your prayers, for they are more precious to me than gold or silver.


New date for surgery Feb 10
Registration 6:00am
Surgery 8:00am

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