Pushy Sales – The Bane of Manners

Pushy Sales – The Bane of Manners

Nobody likes a salesman who keeps pushing their products long after the potential customer has decided to leave. Don’t get me wrong, the salesman is trained on how to close the deal. In some senses it is even an art form. Those who are really good at it can manipulate the socks off of a dead man’s feet. My gosh, the very best can do that even to the living. Fortunately most salesman are not that good. Most of us can keep our money in our own pockets.

Then we come to the Internet, a sales pitch in a can, which has absolutely no entertainment value. Oh I’m not talking about the content of the page. That can be very slick. It can be entertaining. It might even be educational. What I don’t like, is when you decide to leave the page, you get the unending pop-up windows. Today I received a visit to my Webpress blog page. I was left a comment by someone named Angelina about how she considered my blog site was ranking too low on the Google search engine. She then offered me a link that would help me with my site, to raise it to the stars of heaven, so that all may see my blog and come and visit me. What the heck, I clicked the link and went for a visit.

I entered gates of the site called SEOPresser. So that you understand SEO is short for search engine optimization. It is either a program or a person who can look at your website or blog page and make suggestions on how to change the content of your site so that search engines will read it, give better emphasis to your words, and place you higher in the search results. Something like that can be useful if you’re trying to sell something over the Internet. However it gets in the way when you’re content is educational. If you want to share your heart and/or what’s on your mind SEO’s get in the way of good form. On the other hand, if you want to sell your heart and/or what’s on your mind, SEO’s are a potential way to go. If ranking and not content is what you’re after you can learn how to change your site and get better results.

All this is a given. Whether you want to share what’s on your heart and/or mind, or whether you want to sell something, I have no problem with that. But the SEOPresser page on the Internet does not want you to leave their site unless you purchase their product. When you decide to leave and click on the link to go elsewhere the Presser site will use a pop-up window to stop you from leaving. If you reject that pop-up window it will pop up another one. Still want to leave? It will pop up another. This is extremely annoying. It is a breach of good manners on the Internet. It is the main reason for creation of pop-up blockers. Now pop-ups can be fine. They can have their uses. But when it is used to get in your face and keep you from leaving it is like being imprisoned. No one likes to be jailed.

In the pursuit of money good manners are too often left at the curb, to be picked up by a garbage truck, and hauled off to the dump for burial. It is done by pushy salespeople who don’t have the grace to quit. They are the bane of good manners and their weapon of choice are pop-up windows. I thought content creators finally stopped using the stupid process. It seems however that some people will not let a bad idea die.

Well, so much for the rant of the day. Enjoy what’s left of it.

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