NuB1’s – The Way Station, End of an Era

I was looking at the main page of my website,, and when I came to the bottom of the page I found a small paragraph written. It was an announcement that I finally moved all of my material that I had hosted at called NuB1’s – The Waystation, and moved it to a company called Netfirms under the domain name of

The first page I ever created on the Internet was my homepage for NuB-1s – The Waystation. That was back in July of 1998. I had hopes of creating a special little site on the web that would open the door for people to enter into ministry and also a place for people to receive ministry without judgment. Sadly, it never became what I had envisioned. Oh I had plenty of links out there and quite a few number of contact points but it never bore fruit. The vision never died, it just got folded in to a different dream, a different hope.

Last night I did a search of the web to see if there was any evidence, any links remaining, of that first website. You can find NuB1 listed but now it is only listed for sites that use that term as an antibody. A lot of science has gone into NuB1 and there are many pages on the web. The only place on the Internet that doesn’t use NuB1 as the short form for an antibody is found on my new site, at the bottom of the page, as an indicator that the site is now here. Today, it is more a memorial to that first attempt to bring God’s love and God’s word to the net.

This small personal era is over, yet the dream still exists in a small corner of my heart. Perhaps someday, someway, God’s Spirit will visit me and what is hidden in the heart, like a little seed, will once again begin to grow and the two edged ministry will come to light. I am reminded of that Scripture, “unless a seed die, it cannot bear fruit.” Whether hope or wishful thinking, I watch the ground and wait.

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