A Hate Link… Really?

A friend of mine recently sent this link to me:

One Brit’s opinion about Radical Islam

I’ve heard of the flack this friend of mine got from some people because she sent this link to a few people. Intrigued I clicked on the link so I could have first hand info on what this guy said. Six minutes of some Brit (Aussie?) giving his opinion on the problems with Islam. And what did I think? … very mild dialogue. People got upset over what this guy said? With what is happening in the world today as a result of a renewed flame of Islamic conservatism this guy’s monologue was tame. Warnings (fact based warnings) need to be shouted from the roof-tops.

I’ve read an English version of the Koran. It has its errors and prejudices (my opinion). The real problem with Islam is not the Koran but with the “hadith” (I hope I spelled that correctly). These are all the sayings attributed to Mohammed. This is where true hatred and prejudice can be found. It alone twists the Koran into an unrecognizable mass. The venom we think is in the Koran is there in the hadith. I have read only small portions of the hadith, enough to know, that they speak a different language. The protections in the Koran (for Jews and Christians) are stripped away in the hadith.

This is nothing new. The extra writings of later writers bring disrepute to the original message. Don’t get me wrong… the Koran has errors in it and should be placed under the blanket of “a different gospel” to be considered “anathema” by bible believing Christians. Yet what the conservative Islamist (radical) believes is not the pure Koran but that hybrid created by others to suit their own ends at the time.

They are a danger and need to be exposed. That is what the fellow in England has done. A rather mild expose at that. Guess those who are complaining are too thin skinned or too PC to see the threat. Of course many Jews in 1930’s Europe couldn’t or wouldn’t believe the warnings that some people made during their time.

In the end I do not believe that it will end well. The radical(?) Islamists will cause more pain and death. Some of the people of those countries will respond (over-respond) and isolate, jail, deport, beat and kill in response. Another Godless right wing will arise and a “kristallnacht” aimed at Muslims and/or Jews will occur. Perhaps into this mix the long awaited Antichrist will step in and bring that false peace we know is coming.

You can’t get any more PC than that!

ps: I believe that all Jews, Christians, Muslims and all others need to be protected from the excesses of radicals from any viewpoint, religious or secular. The free exercise of religion is a hallmark of the west. A person needs to be free to choose who they follow based on knowledge and revelation. Those who would deny this freedom are the true enemy of all faiths and peoples.

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2 Responses to “A Hate Link… Really?”

  1. patti says:

    A thoughtful post, and I thank you for it. I believe it is possible to disagree with another’s beliefs, to absolutely believe that Jesus is the way, the truth, and the life, to not compromise on that belief … and yet still live with kindness and love towards my neighbours that do not believe the same. And I agree – radical excesses are frightening, from any corner. For my part, I am deeply grieved when someone representing Christianity speaks hatred and venom. I don’t see Jesus doing that (except towards His own hypocritical leaders).

    I may have seen the same video to which you were referring. If so, the thing that caught my attention most was that the speaker is an “aggressive atheist” – he has similar rants against Christianity, and those rants do have some valid points, I think. I was near to tears watching it, thinking, “This is how we look to him. And I would like to apologize, not for my beliefs, no, not at all – but for the fact that sometimes we have acted in very un-Christlike ways, while using the name of Jesus.”

  2. Joe says:

    Well said JoJo.