Good lambs bookmark pleasant pastures...

The Way Station
topics: Personal Side, Road to Glory, 12 Original Teachings

Answers for Man's Concerns
topics: God's Love for You, Christ's Love, God's Grace, Mercy, Salvation, Sin and Confession, Repentance, Forgiveness, Obedience, Abiding in Christ, Liberty, God's Care for You, Afflictions, Anger/Hate

The Prophet's Voice - Isaiah Commentary
topics: Six part series on Isaiah 58

Heart Songs of the Night - Poetry
topics: Tis Jesus Now, There Is No Other, Salvation, The Error

Christian Prophecy and Contemplation
topics: Daniel's 70 Weeks, The Wonder of Existence, Transmutation

Learning How to Study
topics: faith and reason, logic, teachable, authority, barrier 1

Various Additions
topics: lies, dna & pro-choice, tolerance, winter hope, short plays, etc.

Commentary - The King James Bible - The New Testament - various titles

Comparison of the Gospels
Alignment of the Four Gospels are Laid Out in Events as they Occured

Reflections - Christian Poetry by Linda (Leslie) Raymond
TOPICS: BOOK 1; Testimony, Drugs, Daniel, Nature, Separation, Progress, Dedication, Life's Journey, Beginning, Tribute to Mother's, Born Again, Humility, Rich Man, Blind Man, Prophecy, Joy, Jesus the Babe, Sinners, Missionary Calling, God's Love, Young People, Children, Conqueror, Watching, Tribute, Christian, Sheepfold, Church, St Mark, Farewell, BOOK 2; Gain, Galilee, Love, Light, David, Samuel, Temptation, Crusaders, Lacking, Christmas, Peace, Goodwill, Hymns, Maze, Secret, Spiritual Warfare, Resurrection, Loneliness, Automation, Birthday, Prayer, Prodigal, Communication.

HTML Code & JavaScripts & Cascading Style Sheets
topics: color references, html reference with examples & various javascripts & css explained

topic: This site contains nature photos of trees that can be found in Hamilton Ontario Canada.
It is a hobby page. A continuing work in progress.

Sketches and Drawings
Pencil in hand and sketch pad on knee... learning to draw.

link to: The Crossfire Recovery Programs
This site is hosted at www.ChristianMuse.com but its content, other than web design,
is the work of Karl and Sheila, the program leaders.

www.ChristianMuse.com www

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